Industry leaders in the manufacturing of low reflecting apertures for custom applications

Opto-Line International can delineate the aperture using our proprietary black chrome coating minimizing internal and external reflectivity and yielding an extremely durable surface.  Other specified materials can be deposited per your requirements.  Our in house processing of the final parts ensures the highest quality and quickest delivery.

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Endoscope Apertures

  • The smallest clear aperture size we’re able to resolve is about 2um Ø
  • Typical aperture coating utilizes our proprietary black chrome:  Very durable, low reflecting in visible with Rave <5% . OD > 4.0.  Pinhole free.  Excellent edge acuity and accuracy (± 1um)
  • Glass thickness: Minimum  is ~ 0.10 mm thick
  • The smallest aperture we can manufacture is ~2.00mm in diameter.


An endoscope is a medical device with a light attached. It is used to look inside a body cavity or organ. The scope is inserted through a natural opening, such as the mouth during a bronchoscopy, or the rectum for a sigmoidoscopy. A medical procedure using any type of endoscope is called an endoscopy.

Custom Apertures and Slit Apertures

GlassWedge_PerspectiveOnly          Slit-Aperture       Rectangular-Aperture

Opto-Line can customize almost any aperture you require on flat, curved and various shaped substrates including prisms.  Linear slit apertures are used in a wide variety of optical systems including spectrometers and hyperspectral imaging systems. In most cases, varying the slit width is essential for optimization of light throughput and resolution for a particular application. The availability of a single variable slit aperture of sufficient resolution and precision allows an optimized slit adjustment for each application without recalibration and thus greatly simplifies a spectroscopic measurement procedure.