Curved Lens Patterning

Opto-Line has refined its processes over the years to provide patterns on curved substrates (lenses).  Concave (CC), Convex (CX), CC/plano, CX/plano, CC/CX, CC/CC and CX/CX;  Opto-Line will strive to perfect your patterned lens projects.  Our photolithography techniques are done with the utmost care and precision.  Our team has over 100 years of total experience resulting in a tried and true methodology for delineating your patterns.  Lenses often require greater skills and this patterning is a service that few can provide.  Opto-Line can provide photoresist patterns on lenses or a full thin film coating pattern.  25um is typically the smallest dimension we can accurately pattern on lenses.

Custom patterned lenses are often used in the aerospace and defense industries.  Opto-Line International is proud to have partnered with many of our United States programs to provide them with the highest quality components.



EMI Grid on lens

EMI Grid (electro-magnetic interference) utilizing our deposited gold in a honeycomb pattern.

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