Pattern Capabilities

Industry leaders in the manufacturing of precision reticles

Opto-Line International’s products and services include multi-density resolution masks, neutral density filters, reticle patterns, precision apertures, calibration test targets, EMI grids, photolithographic services, contrast test targets, and many more.  Applications for some of our products include satellite navigation systems, endoscopy, optometry, modulated contrast microscope objectives, electro-optical devices, optical system calibration, photolithographic systems, Mylar and Kapton patterning, silicon wafer blanket photo resist coatings, surveillance systems, and microscopy.

Opto-Line carries an inventory of calibration slides and resolution targets on both glass and quartz substrates. These include 1951 USAF targets, multidensity resolution masks and beamsplitter dot arrays. Most items are available in both positive and negative tones.

Opto-Line International takes great pride in the high level of quality achieved during the manufacture of product at our facility. Cleanliness and careful handling of sensitive optical components is of paramount importance to every employee.

Coating materials include a durable, low reflecting chrome, nickel, inconel, gold, and protected aluminum among others. Coating attributes such as transmission, reflectance, and resistivity may be engineered to meet specific requirements.

Our blanket photoresist coatings for semiconductor test wafers are processed in a dedicated, class 100 cleanroom. Wafer sizes range from 50mm diameter to 300mm diameter. Coating thicknesses range from 0.5 microns to 10 microns.

Blanket photoresist coatings may also be patterned per customer specifications. Coating thickness and uniformity can be certified at the customers request.

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