Optometry & Opthamology

Optometry & Opthamology

Precision Optometry Optical Patterns

Opto-Line crafts reticles, ellipses, metrology targets, and many other custom patterns which serve dozens of Universities, Visual Science Centers, Eye Institutes, Ophthalmology Schools, etc.

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Case Study

Split-detection masks for 60° deflection towards confocal detector

  • Annular masks on a circular Ø1″ glass substrate with a high reflecting aluminum coating on one surface and an anti-reflection coating on the other surface.
  • All ellipse masks are centered on a 16 mm diameter circle, 22.5° apart and when the masks are elliptical, their major axis is oriented radially.

For this particular custom pattern:

  • Smallest ellipse: 12.5um minor axis, 13.8um rnajor axis
  • Largest ellipse: 500um minor axis, 551.7um rnajor axis
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We'd love to hear from you. Please tell us more about your custom optical pattern needs.

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