Customizing Optical Patterns for all areas of Research and Development

Customizing Optical Patterns for all areas of Research and Development

Research and Development

It is our mission to provide optimum solutions in the area of Research and Development. For more than 50 years, the Opto-Line name has been synonymous with the highest quality service. 

Opto-Line has a long history of partnering with many companies over the years to help them achieve their product goals. Often times our custom patterns are vital in the R&D phase of a product. Opto-Line’s ability to think out of the box and tackle the most difficult projects is what makes us the premier vendor to call upon for your research needs.

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Custom gold grid on irregular shaped substrate
Electrical resistance from any point on the grid to the edge/perimeter must be less than 1K Ohm @25°c.

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R&D pattern using aluminum for the “snake” pattern and surrounded by SiO at the same thickness.

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Ø23.0, 3mm thick, ZnSe substrates
2,000Å chrome pattern coating
17.67um per pixel ±0.5um.
Custom pattern used in the astronomy science industry

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Case Study

Client: MTPV Power Corporation

Opto-Line International partnered with MTPV Power Corporation in early 2016 to help with a critical component used in their advanced technology solution to directly convert heat to electricity.
Opto-Line has mastered the process of depositing a large array of Ø12μm SiO2 dots at a height of 100nm onto their specially designed fused silica substrates.

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We'd love to hear from you. Please tell us more about your custom optical pattern needs.

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