Opto-Line offers the highest quality Multi-Density Resolution Masks

Multi-Density Resolution Masks

Multi-density resolution masks can be fabricated via a couple of methods.

alt tagHalf tone image

Half Tone: By using very small dots and changing the amount of the dots, we can create varying densities that typically fulfill our customers’ needs.

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Continuous: Discrete, individual depositions of Inconel are used to create each density. In this case, Opto-Line requires separate and distinct areas for each transmission level.

Multi-Density Resolution Mask

MODEL 4000 Multi-Density Resolution Mask
for Standardized Test Exposures

Vacuum deposited inconel on glass or fused silica with the transmission steps and resolution patterns on the same surface. Substrate sizes from 2.0 X 2.0 inches to 7.0 X 7.0 inches.

Row A resolution patterns have opaque backgrounds, while the line transmission varies progressively.

Row B resolution pattern lines are opaque, while the background transmission varies progressively. Line widths from 10 to 500 Ip/mm by the 10th root of 10. Finest detail is 1 micron.

alt tagmulti density resolution mask

Additional Examples of Opto-Line’s Multi-Density Resolution Masks

alt tagoptoline homepage circle nine
alt tagContinuous Opto Line
alt tagResolution Test Targets Opto Line
alt tagMirrored Gradient Opto Line
alt tagThin Square Gradient Rows Opto Line
alt tagopto 0004 Layer 8
alt tagopto logo transparent

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