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Our company is an industry leader in the manufacturing of apertures for custom applications.

Opto-Line International can delineate the aperture using our proprietary black chrome coating minimizing internal and external reflectivity and yielding an extremely durable surface. Other specified materials can be deposited per your requirements. Our in-house processing of the final parts ensures the highest quality and quickest delivery.

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Double sided sun sensors – Slit aperture on one side and a custom slit array pattern on the other. Used in satellites for many years, these sun sensors help provide satellites with location based on the sun’s light transmitting through the apertures. Opto-Line’s black chrome has withstood the elements in space for decades.

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Similarly, these apertures also give positional information to satellites in relation to the sun. These substrates are not flat and therefore require specialized coating and patterning techniques to ensure a uniform, low-reflecting black chrome deposition.

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Approximately Ø3.5mm, these custom apertures are fundamental to endoscopes. Rigorous requirements and extremely tight tolerances require precision and quality – exactly what Opto-Line’s goal is for every project.

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We'd love to hear from you. Please tell us more about your custom optical pattern needs.

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