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Opto-Line International takes great pride in the high level of quality achieved during the manufacturing of our optics. Cleanliness and careful handling of sensitive optical components is of paramount importance to every employee.  Custom reticles are one of Opto-Line’s most requested custom pattern/part.  From simple crosshairs and custom reticles to very complex patterns, Opto-Line can provide you with the part you need to make a successful product.  Opto-Line can also pattern both sides of a substrate and even have experience in creating doublets (two substrates sandwiched together using a UV adhesive).

  • 1 um feature capability
  • Low reflecting black chrome, chrome, protected aluminum, gold and many other metal and dielectric coatings available
  • Anti-Reflection coatings to your specification
  • Specialize in patterning curved surfaces/lenses

custom crosshair reticle

scope reticle design            sniper crosshair reticle


A reticle, or reticule (from Latin reticulum, meaning “net”), also known as a graticule (from Latin craticula, meaning “gridiron”), is a net of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece of a sighting device, such as a telescope, a telescopic sight, a microscope, or the screen of an oscilloscope.  Crosshairs are most commonly represented as intersecting lines in the shape of a cross, “+”, though many variations exist, including dots, posts, circles, scales, chevrons, or a combination of these. Most commonly associated with telescopic sights for aiming firearms, crosshairs are also common in optical instruments used for astronomy and surveying, and are also popular in graphical user interfaces as a precision pointer.

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