Our high quality apertures for medical endoscopes provide excellent edge acuity and accuracy. Opto-Line addresses our customers’ individual needs on a project by project basis. Call us today to learn more (978) 658-7255 or visit us online at opto-line.com.

Typically utilizing our proprietary low-reflecting black chrome, our apertures have become the benchmark for endoscope manufacturers.

Our black chrome is very durable, low-reflecting in visible with Rave <5% , OD > 4.0. Excellent edge acuity and accuracy (± 1μm). We can also deposit other required materials such as high reflective protected aluminum, gold, etc.


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Opto-Line is dedicated to the highest quality custom optical patterns and coatings.

Since 1967, Opto-Line International has built a reputation for excellence, providing companies in the medical, optometry, aerospace, industrial, science and defense sectors with the very best custom precision optical patterns and thin film coatings available.

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